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“My father sent me to an orphanage when I was 15”, Mamatha says, “We were very poor and he felt that an orphanage would take better care of me”. Mamatha’s father wanted her to get good education and have a better life. She says “I didn’t feel good about staying at an orphanage, away from him, but I realised that it was a decision for my own good. The orphanage people took very good care of me and encouraged me to continue education”.

My father sent me to an orphanage when I was 15

She found the KARVJC education to be affordable and enrolled for the Medical Lab Technician course. “I always wanted to become a doctor but due to my circumstances, I couldn’t afford a doctor degree”, she says, “I was however happy to find a course that is relevant to medicine and one that had a scholarship facility as well”. Talking about her experience at the college, she says “I will any day rate it as very good. The teachers were very supportive and provided all the study material free of cost. They also explain from the basics so it helped me.”

She got a 95% score and secured an admission in the Gandhi Medical College for a degree in Medical Lab Technician course. “I’m trying to bag a job in government owned facilities. My father met me after almost two years and was very proud,” she says, “I feel fortunate to have received support at every stage. My father, the members of orphanage, college staff and now even my husband supports my education and aspirations”.

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