KARV College

An initiative of Dr Reddy's Foundation


students impacted

18 years

Established 2003

Every young person deserves
good education.

That’s exactly why Dr.Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) established KARVJC in 2003. With a firm belief in the potential of young people when provided the right opportunity, among many initiatives, DRF also started this college to enable matriculate students from low-income families attain employment oriented technical education.


Eight Courses. Great Possibilities.

The college provides students with a wide choice of courses and employment opportunities which go well with their aspirations. These disciplines are enriched by our experienced faculty and associated facilities.

Open and Purposeful Spaces

The campus has been built to facilitate a connection and exchange between curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The variety of facilities, open to everyone in the college community, provides students an opportunity to explore and excel in their interest areas.

Teaching and learning spaces

Classrooms, lecture halls, library and study spaces designed for active learning and exchange.


Labs designed for enabling students explore and test solutions, and share resources and knowledge.

Play and exercise

Grounds for sports, games and exercise activities.


Walkways and event spaces are available to everyone in the college community.

Key Facts and Features

Located in Hyderabad, KARVJC is recognized as a leading educational institute. We are proud to offer quality affordable education that centres on developing tradeable skills. Over 93% of our students are from underrepresented communities.
Feature Stories

The KARVJC Experience

Our students have amazing stories to tell and great experiences to share. While many of them have endured hardships early-on due to their socio-economic backgrounds, what inspires is their never ending belief of a better tomorrow and their aspiration for a better life.

Our Recruiters