KARV College

An initiative of Dr Reddy's Foundation


Students from low-income families used to settle for low paying daily wage jobs, as it was difficult to support family’s sustenance if they pursued a four-year university degree. KARVJC was established to support this group through two-year vocational courses.


While a lot has changed over the years, what endures is our commitment to quality affordable education to underrepresented groups. We are a pioneering vocational education provider in the state that stands for the ideals of academic excellence, equality of opportunity, quality job training and foundation for a higher education.

Excellence in Vocational Education

The college pursues its ideals by placing ‘excellence in vocational education’ as central part of its vision. The aim is to be known as a top-notch institute for technical education and all-round development of entrants. By contributing to and utilizing college’s resources for curricular development, career advancement, and enrichment activities involving various facilities like libraries, labs, on the job trainings and teacher trainings, the students and its faculty and staff are the core contributors to advancing the purpose of KARVJC.

Our Recruiters